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G Jones

My wife and I recently used Tourershine to carry out a pre-sales valet on our motorhome. After extensive e.mails back and forth we settled on a worst case cost. The guys arrived on time and extremely?professional. After a good look over my Motorhome they told me that it did not need as much work as we?anticipated. This reduced the cost I was ready to pay by quite a?considerable amount. The finished job was of a very high standard and our motorhome looked better than it did all the time we have owned it. What struck my wife and I was their honestly and the way they did only what was necessary to achieve the best result for selling. We sold the Motorhome and now own a new caravan that Tourershine is booked to seal the paintwork. A fantastic, easy, and straight forward honest company that gets our vote any day.

Jenny Craimer

After doing a lot of searching for the right company to help me with my caravan, I kept seeing the same company. Tourershine. I gave the boy's a call and spoke about an issue with my 3 year old Bailey. They talked me through several processes to determine my problem. This was booked in to rectify. The guy's have now finished and my caravan looks like brand new again. I never knew there was so much technical knowledge to do with caravan exteriors. I did have my caravan treated by my dealer from new but this had not lasted more than a couple of years. The guy's explained why and how this had happened but were very careful not to point a finger of blame at anyone. I highly recommend Tourershine for anyone looking for a hard working, honest and very diplomatic company (boy's you should be?politicians) Amazing job.

Graham Jackson

Being one of those that used a cheaper valeter before trying Tourershine, I can confirm what a waste of money using a non specialist was!! I ended up paying twice for a job Paul and Paul at Tourershine did the right way first time. They impressed me with their knowledge of Motorhome bodies. Couple that with the attention to detail these guys have, and your getting a first class job.
I fully reccomend Tourershine for those that want a proper job doing first time. Learn from my mistake and get what you pay for.

Tom Egan

Paul of Tourershine came to Dartford today to spruce up my caravan,a 2007 Swift Challenger we bought new which we had previously had treated by a well known company who also work in the same industry as Paul, but it was looking quite sorry for itself.I left Paul alone with the caravan and he phoned me when it was finished.Paul did tell me that it would look like new when he had finished with it and I must say,as soon as I saw it I was not dissapointed in any way at all.Paul's professionalism and attention to detail are second to none,he did an excellent job and he's a thoroughly nice bloke too,so anyone who is thinking about letting him loose on your pride and joy,go for it,you won't be dissapointed.

Chris McCulloch

Just bought our van second hand and the paintwork was very faded. Paul dove all the way down to Fareham (3 hours) at one day's notice and managed to arrive 5 minutes early.

He then spent over seven hours cleaning, polishing and restoring it, definitely not a rush job. Extremely professional service and now the shine is back and you can see your face in it. As I write this he on his homeward journey, which given the time of day and the traffic will probably take 4 hours, but he made absolutely sure that we were happy with everything before he left. I will not hesitate to use his services in the future should I need them, and would never consider getting a job like this done again any other way.

James Christer

I was hesitant at first?as I needed new decals for my Baily Ranger 500/5. I did not need to worry as Paul put me in touch with the right person on ebay who made them to my photo. Paul cleaned the van removed the old decals and fitted the new ones and now my 1998 Bailey is like new.
Money well spent and a cracking job.If you are considering having your van professionally cleaned then go no further.

Thanks Paul.

terry patterson

We booked Paul from Tourershine to do a restoration on our 2004 Autotrail Motorhome which was looking very tired, he did a wonderful job and we are?very pleased with the results and will highly recommend him. Thank you Paul

David Lucas

I thought that our 2009 Lunar Lexon SE was quite clean - but that was before Paul from Tourershine visited us today to give our caravan (including the roof) the "Superior" treatment. The end result is astounding, with the caravan looking far better than it was when we collected it new from the dealer. Paul's dedicated fastidiousness and attention to minute details really does pay dividends -and it shows!

I have no hesitation whatsoever in thoroughly recommending Tourershine to anyone who loves their caravan. A fantastic chap,a fantastic service,a fantastic price, and a fantastic result!

Many thanks Paul.


What can we say!!! Took our caravan to tourershine for its "facelift" and we could not believe what we saw when we came to collect it. It was like it had come out of a showroom. It is a 2004 twin axle and?looks like a 2011 it is first class and we can not thank them enough, I can highly recommend them to anyone first class service. Paul is one of the nicest people and really knows his stuff. thank you very much see you again in a few years

Sue and Mel Drabble

Mr Patterson

After seeing Tourershines results on a fellow Hymer owner's caravan, I was gobsmacked. I booked my 2005 Hymer in for the same Restoration service. This finished caravan looks stunning, I am so pleased with what Paul did with our weathered cloudy paintwork. He pointed out where paint repair work had been carried out in the past. This was quite obvious in the sunlight.. Not anymore! Paul has managed to hide the poor paint job and it now looks as good as the rest of the caravan. Paul has a passion for his job and it really shows in his work and aftercare advice. I am sure his business will keep growing and become one of the best businesses in the caravan industry

Gerald Godard

I found Tourershine through a letter in Practical Caravan from one of his happy customers. I booked a Superior for my 2004 Hymer. Paul came out and advised me that he was not happy to do a Superior as my caravan needed a Restoration in his opinion. To assure me, he did a demo on my caravan to show the difference in services. After seeing the Restoration results I rebooked him. He has just been back a carried out his magic. My Hymer now looks like it's just been wheeled out of the factory. Along with the amazing personal service, Paul gave me some great advice on how to keep the shine on my caravan. Even my wife was over the moon and that is a milestone in itself. Thanks Tourershine for all the hard work.

Mrs Kings Lynn

I found Tourershine through a letter in Practical Caravan from one of his happy customers. I booked a Superior for my 2004 Hymer. Paul came out and advised me that he was not happy to do a Superior as my caravan needed a Restoration in his opinion. To assure me, he did a demo on my caravan to show the difference in services. After seeing the Restoration results I rebooked him. He has just been back a carried out his magic. My Hymer now looks like it's just been wheeled out of the factory. Along with the amazing personal service, Paul gave me some great advice on how to keep the shine on my caravan. Even my wife was over the moon and that is a milestone in itself. Thanks Tourershine for all the hard work.


Although I live on the south coast at Eastbourne, I contacted Paul who answered each email very promptly to see if he was prepared to travel the distance to do my caravan. His reply was certainly and he did my caravan yesterday (Sun. 25/4/10) with care, professionalism and enthusiasm. If anyone is considering using TOURERSHINE don't hesitate because the end result is amazing!

Rolf Jedburg

I called Paul after seeing him on the caravan channel. I have been looking for a company that is able to bring my caravan back to life. The result was amazing, I have owned my van for 15 years and although I try to take care of her, she was looking a little tired. Paul came out and restored my caravan back to it's former glory. He was full of advice and really know's his stuff. I would advise anyone booking a restoration to go out for the day because the shock when you return home is second to none.


I booked Tourershine at the Newark show. He gave me a show discount of 10% which pleased me wife. Tourershine made an amazing job of my motorhome and it looks better than when we bought it new. I highly reccommend Tourershine for a high quality clean and top draw service.

Mr Smith

I don't own a caravan or a motorhome, I don't even like caravans or motorhomes. I am sending this testimonial to the owner of Tourershine to thank him for transforming the eyesore of a caravan that I have to look at everytime I look out of my front window. If I had known how much better my neighbours caravan would of looked after Tourershine had cleaned it, I would of booked him myself. Thank you Tourershine for cleaning my neighbours caravan. I no longer have to look out my front window at a filthy moss covered tin shed. Ok, so the caravan is still there, but atleast it does not let the street down now.

Mrs Cardon

After reading about Tourershine in The Caravan Magazine, I contacted him to get a price for a Restoration valet on my 98 Bailey Ranger. His quote was far less than I anticipated and I booked him to come to my home. Without exception, Paul is one of the most genuine and hard working chaps I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Once finished, my shabby caravan looked amazing. He replaced a few decals and removed a few faded dealer stickers. The finish was better than my car and the overall quality was as high as it gets. Paul even arranged for a chap to come out to repair a dent from an awning pole and a mobile company to carry out my service. An amazing quality service from a really nice helpful chap. I highly recommend Tourershine to any discerning vanner.

Mr M Haynes

Thank you for the wonderful service that you performed on my caravan exactly on time too. I thought my van was clean, but it was only when I saw the bits you had completed did I realise how grubby it had got. I didnt think the small black bits Tar splashes could be removed, even the decals looked new and bright. When you had finished it was like new even to the removal of scratches on the side windows where a tree attacked the van. Thank you for a Fast Good and efficient service.. Not enough words but thank's again Paul

Mr Chamberlain

My 'van came out of winter storage with the usual algae, black rubber stripes & winter grime. Paul at Tourershine offered his services and what a result. After a day, it was as good as, if not better than when I purchased it three years ago. Immaculately clean, polished, waxed and even the alloys looked new. My neighbour thought it was a new 'van. A top class job ! Highly recommended!

Mr Carver

Tourershine came out to my house in Nottingham and spent the day on my Bailey Pageant series 5. When he had finished I was gob smacked how good the van came up. He even removed a few faded stickers which ruined the finished look. I would use Paul again and will be telling every caravanner I know about this outstanding service.
Thanks again Tourershine

Mr and Mrs Green

I have never seen such attention to detail, I have tried everything to remove a few scuffs from my van with no success. Paul at Tourershine got every mark off the van. My wife and I were so over the moon with the finish that we have just booked a weekend away to show off our caravan. Excellent personal service and would recommend Tourershine to anyone.

Jimmy and Linda

I called Touershine after seeing the advert in my paper. He agreed to just a small wash and clean on my caravan and did a fantastic job. Well worth the money for the "little extras Paul did" I now see he has added this service to his website. Maybe a free one next time Paul for giving you the idea!!

Mr Pinsham

I heard about Tourershine from a caravan friend of mine. Our caravan is only 12 months old. So Tourershine advised us to just have the Standard valet. He did a fantastic job, the caravan looked like it did 12 months ago when we got it. Very happy with the service and will be using again. Huge thanks to Tourershine.

Mr and Mrs Normanton

My wife and I treat our tourer to a valet twice a year. We use different companies each time. We have just used Touershine for the first time and will not be using anyone else ever again. In my opinion Tourershine is the Isabella of the valet world. His service was a million miles from the normal valet companies I normally use. I would like to recommend Tourershine to anyone looking for a very high quality job.

Mr Johnson

Tourershine came out to my house and did a Superior valet on my motorhome. The motorhome is only 4 years old, and all I had ever done is wash it with car shampoo. I thought my motorhome looked clean after I had washed it until I saw how it should look. Tourershine made it look like new again and the shine was as good as I have ever seen it. Tourershine also spent quite a while talking me through the whole 10 stage process and doing a small demo on my wing. I wish this company did cars because I would of got him to do mine. I cannot advise anyone enough to use Tourershine on their caravans or motorhome.


I called Paul at Tourershine and asked him if he could fit my caravan in before we went away. He was booked up before our dates, but he offered to work on the Saturday to help me out. What a nice chap and what a job he did on my 7 year old caravan. Huge thanks Paul for squeezing us in on your day off!!

Jonny and the chaps

I am speaking on behalf of all four caravan owners from the group booking in Wales. Tourershine came over and gave all four caravans superior valets. We all agree that this service is second to none, and the overall quality and finish is up there with the very best. Many thanks Paul and we "will" be seeing you again soon.

Mr Williams

Upon collecting my pride and joy I was absolutely gob smacked, I could not believe my eyes. She was gleaming, as though she had just come out of the showroom. The previously dull, sun drenched, faded and rough sides, GRP front and rear panels and even the ABS A Frame cover were shiny enough to see your face in. The roof was also spotless, as viewed from my bedroom window. It really has to be seen to be believed. The impeccable service Paul offered was absolutely first class.

He is one of the nicest, most honest and genuine blokes you are ever likely to meet and has a perfectionist passion for what he does. He treats your vehicle as well as his own. Any true vanner should treat their van to this service at least once a year, I know I will. I highly recommend Tourershine and the service Paul offers, it really is second to none.

Pete and Julie

Our 4 year old Motorhome was starting to look a little dull and jaded, despite our best efforts at cleaning it. Then we found Paul and Tourershine. We now have a van that looks just like the day we collected it from the dealer. Paul has done a fantastic job, and we will be recommending his services to all of our caravanning and motorhoming friends. If you value your van, treat it to a bit of TLC from Paul. You'll be amazed at what he can do. We certainly were. Thanks Paul.

Mr and Mrs Youngman

I employed the services of to give my 2006 Abbey a "make over" He came out and got straight to work. He re-stripped the sides and gave the whole caravan a Restoration as it was a little dull. After about 10 hours of solid work, my caravan looked like new. I am over the moon with the result and it was a small price to pay for such a result. Huge thanks to Tourershine for a first class, high quality job.

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Mr Patel

It is with great pride that I write this testimonial. I own a year old motorhome that cost me nearly 70k. I recently let a 'road side' car wash

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