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Darryl allen
My 17 year old American RV was given the Tourershine treatment this week. I was delighted and amazed at the finish. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to see their beloved vehicle looking like new. Look out for the photo of Big Blue which I'm told will be on the site soon.
Neil Magee
We bought an 06 Buccaneer Caravel last year and the exterior needed a fair bit of TLC so we arranged a Touershine restore package, which happened yesterday (9/2/17) . Expectations were fairly low, due to the current faded condition, and I hoped Paul could 'make it as good as it can be in the circumstances' ....... but WOW !! I'm not one to over elaborate but the result was amazing and the colour / restored shine took years off the caravan. Thanks guys !!
Mr Radbourne
I'm a great advocate of reputations and reviews from real people, and after reading many people's amazing comments on the Caravantalk forum about Tourershine, I had no hesitations booking them to restore the finish to my Bailey Senator. It seems that Bailey have a common issue with the panels on the sides of their caravans. I know of precisely 14 other Senators on my storage site with exactly the same problems as mine. They are all as dull as each other. I did ask my dealer about this but they claimed it was normal and nothing short of repainting will fix this issue. Well, I can confirm that the advice given by my dealer is not strictly true. The Tourershine chaps have managed to bring back my Senator, and it looks like brand new. This was pointed out to my dealer who were shocked to say the least. So as a confirmed end user of the Tourershine RESTORATION service, I can now add my absolute pleasure and delight to their testimonial pages of history. Thank you chaps for the amazing job and more importantly proving my dealer wrong!
Ian Cooper

We have a Wandahome Liberte Air Caravan, and have loved it over the last 8 years. We decided that after looking at other caravans we were keeping her, so last year after washing her we bought a cover and covered her up in storage.
When we un-covered her this year, we were shocked to see the panels were dull and look like they had been shot -blasted we were heart broken. After searching on forums etc, we came across Paul. After talking to him it appeared that we had tiger stripping (not good for your caravan unless your on safari). We first thought lets do it ourselves, but after solid advice from Paul we went ahead and booked.?Wow, Wow, Wow is all we can say. The caravan has never ever looked so good. The work put in was great, grab handles removed etc while doing the work, the caravan looks better than the day we bought her.

Many thanks Paul & Tourershine

P Johnson

We would thoroughly recommend Tourershine to anyone, Paul came along to work on the front of our van a Swift Charisma 2008 which we have had since new, the front of the van had faded and had lost its gloss finish, Paul worked on the van to give the van its glossy sheen back, when the job was finished the van looked even better than when we first bought it from the factory new.

Paul also gave us some valuable advice regarding the upkeep of other parts of the van.He also comes very well prepared even with his own coffee machine.He is very precise and professional also worked around our requirements. Thank goodness my brother in law found him and recommended him to us after he had had the same work done on the front of his van. Absolutely priceless. Thank you Paul for all your help.

We highly recommend Tourershine to anyone who cherishes their van.

Dixey Richard

I have owned a 2008 Bailey Senator Virginia series 6 from new and it was starting to look very jaded, after reading the above testimonials I decided to contact Tourershine. Paul responded to my enquiry almost immediately with a quote and we agreed on a date. Lee arrived early on the day, and after explaining the work he was going to do got started straight away.

When the work was completed about 4 hours later the caravan had been totally transformed, I don't think it looked this good on the day I collected it new. Lee gave me some much needed aftercare advice, tidied his van, and was gone.

Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure dealing with you.


Decided to have a full restoration on our swift challenger by Tourershine. Paul arrived 07.30 in the morning, and within 15 minutes had started work, did explain the whole procedure and what would happen to my van, worked very hard and by lunchtime started to see really nice results. Tried not to watch too much as I wanted to see end result, what a super surprise at the end all the bodywork was super shining and looked showroom condition. What a professional company and Paul was really informative, very pleased we have had it done, looks super sat on drive ready for holidays. Thank you Paul.

Mrs Brunswick

My husband recently booked Tourershine to come over and refurbish our Motorhome, without telling me until the night before! So to say I was a little sceptical of the claims to make things look new are an understatement. However, I stand corrected.

The boys turned up 20 mins early, which was shock enough, but then proceeded to deal with everything themselves, so I could continue to get the children ready for school. They chatted to me with confidence and a clear knowledge of what they were doing. I left them to work their magic, whilst I continued with my day, to then receive a text message informing me that they would be finished in 1 hour. I was totally staggered upon my arrival home, to find our 10 year old 'tired' Motorhome, looking as good as the day we collected it new!! if not actually better.

I had no idea it was possible to achieve this, as my husband spends hours cleaning and scrubbing and only getting it clean, but never shinny. Tourershine did exactly what they said they would, and actually more, with great advice.

I cannot recommend these boys enough. They may not be the cheapest company in the world, but boy do you get what you pay for, and considering they travelled so far, arrived on time, needed nothing from me, didn't disturb me until they were finished, looked very professional, and worked none stop until our Motorhome looked like new, this is a small price to pay, for such a huge improvement.

Mark Jackson

We are fairly new to motorhomes and we bought a 2006 Autotrail from a local dealer recently. We were told by the dealer that they would have it looking like new for when we collected, only to find it still dull and patchy, something we pointed out to the salesman when we first looked. The dealer informed us it was normal wear and tear and nothing short of a full re-spray would fix. We still purchased the motorhome, but contacted the Caravan Club for help on how to restore the finish. They put me onto Tourershine.

Paul and Lee have been and now gone and I can only describe what they left as staggering. The Motorhome actually looks as good as new, even the decals have been restored! They talked me through the full process, including how to keep it looking this good. They also explained that the story the dealer told me is something they hear daily and simply untrue as they have certainly proved. I cannot recommend this company enough and you do get exactly what you pay for. Well worth the wait.

Thanks Tourershine.

Mr rodes

Very rarely do I send any form of feedback to any company, reason being is most companies don't live up to any promises given. Tourershine, and to be more specific, Paul at Tourershine deserves the reputation he has. This guy not only rectified a very poor, over promised and under delivered job by a local Motorhome dealer, he also travelled the 290 odd miles and turned up 20 mins early! This is not something you see often and deserved of everything you read about this company.

As for the Restoration service they carried out on my 10 year old Hymer A-Class, impeccable. The service does exactly as it says on the website and returned my tired looking motorhome back to the day I purchased her new. The attention to detail and knowledge is in my opinion, nothing short of perfection, and the guys are extremely professional. I liked the fact they didn't need to disturb me until the job was finished.

Highly recommended by a customer that is not easily pleased.

Kevin Willis

As this season begins I have just been over to start sorting out the caravan after the winter. Paul came and worked his magic on it last year, sorted out all the issues and left us with a gleaming vehicle. I have followed his advice, and when it came to washing off the winter grime using the products he left for me I can only say that the caravan looks fantastic. The marks that were there have disappeared, with little effort and the van looks as good as new! My advice to you is listen to Paul and follow his guidance. You WILL save time and money!!

Brian Le Roux

Well, what can I say Paul and Paul arrived right on time and wasted no time in prepping my camper van for the rejuvenation. It is a 2001 Mirage 5000 which has spent much of its life outside and touring with 70.000 miles on the clock. The body surface had become dull and discoloured in places despite my efforts to keep it looking nice.

I was prepared for a good looking result but was so impressed with the final presentation. There were a few places where Paul pointed out had been repaired and overpainted and now was not a colour match with the original panels. The rather tatty Mirage logo over the cab was removed and the surface prepared for the new logo. I was very impressed with Paul and his attention to detail. They both come highly recommended. Thank you both for a super job.

Mr Grower

We have owned our Motorhome since new and in the last few years we've noticed the GRP panels start to go very dull. We contacted a local boat builder who works on fibreglasses and he assured us he could bring back the shine. After his poor attempt to do nothing other than make it look far worse! We were told by a local dealer about Tourershine. They were straight to the point and knew exactly what the issue was and how to fix it.

With obvious scepticism I booked them. Well, I can hand on heart say they delivered exactly what they promised. My 8 year old Autosleeper looks as good as new without any doubt. I don't normally do reviews, but these guys are true pro's with GRP and I couldn't be happier. I've just noticed that my Motorhome is now sat proud in their galley pages.

Thanks Chaps.

Mary Gompert

Just a quick thank you to Paul for the 4th Tourershield service he's done for me. As per usual, he was on time, kept me updated constantly by text both before, during and after the job. He even rectified my windows that my dealer had made a hash of.. Paul knows this, but I wouldn't trust anyone else with my Caravans.

His personal touch makes it worth every penny each time. (Oh and Paul, I will keep this Caravan now, I promise)

Peter & Sandy Martin

Paul & Lee went to town on my Hymer 2006 caravan. I thought it looked good for its age but decided to see if it could be brought up to showroom condition. As a confirmed sceptic, I went ahead wondering if they really as good as everyone says and I am delighted to say they exceeded my expectations.The acrylic windows are perfect and the rather dull front I had had from new is now gleaming. I am pleased to report that at last I have found someone who actually does what he says he can do. You will never regret getting the job done.

Brian Wilson

We have just had the guys from Tourershine come up to Newcastle to carry out our 2nd Tourershield paint protection service. The reason I used Tourershine again was purely because they did my other Motorhome 4 years ago and I was impressed by the longevity of the product. Again, as expected the guys did an amazing job, somehow making my brand new Motorhome look better than when I collected it at the weekend from my dealer. Their attention to detail is 2nd to none and I wouldn't let anyone else carry out this service on my vehicles. I have no problem if anyone wants to email me for a personal opinion on a long term product from a long term customer of Tourershine.


I would like to add to the positive reviews regarding Paul and the fantastic service offered by Tourershine . About 3 years ago I took delivery of a brand new caravan , after taking note of the most professional advice offered by Paul I decided to have the Tourershield service applied to my caravan . The results were amazing , much more depth and shine to the overall finish , over the 3 years I have supplemented the finish by applying Autoglym Aqua wax between washes , if you haven't got time to do this the finish would still be good but this is something I did for my own benefit . I have just traded the caravan for a new one and the dealer commented that it still looked like new. I hope this review is helpful to anyone considering using Paul at Tourershine and having a paint protection applied to their caravan.
I would firmly recommend this company

Mrs Philipps

Iv'e owned a Bailey Senator series 6 since new. Over the past year my husband and I have noticed what we thought was limescale on our side panels. ?We contacted both our dealer and the manufacture for help. Neither even bothered to reply with an explanation. My husband came across Tourershine and sent an e.mail. Within 30 mins we had a reply with a full explanation of what the problem was, how it was caused, how they'd fix the issue, and the price.

The guys have now been and gone and I am staggered with not only the finish on my Senator, but also the pure professionalism of the Tourershine guys. Both Paul and Lee were knowledgeable, efficient, punctual, and polite. They asked us not to disturb them during the restoration process as it spoilt the 'Reveal' Another thing that surprised us was the amount of equipment they carry, including Kettle, fridge, microwave, power to their van, of course along with their work equipment and products, so's not to disturb their customers until the job was finished. A truly quality business and deserved of the reputation they clearly have.

Andrew Lewton

Hi Paul,

I just thought I'd let you know, I sold the van today for the full asking price.
There is no doubt in my mind that your services contributed massively to a very quick and successful sale.
Many thanks, I will continue to recommend your services whenever the opportunity arises.


Abbey 215 GPS Vogue Cleaned on 22 September 2014 in the morning

We had used Paul some years ago prior to leaving our caravan in France and on returning after four years or so it was a bit "grubby" made arrangements for it to be done again. Unfortunately the weather was inclement to say the least. Paul had to postpone his first two appointments due to the stormy weather, but the forecast for Monday was good so he came over in his gleaming van. Exactly on time - 9am. He said he was dreading coming as he had visions of the Abbey GPS sides being "bloomed" and difficult to clean. Not withstanding he was soon rigged up - he has everything in the van -- even hot water!! I was totally amazed - I thought that I keep the van clean - but as he progressed the van was going through a "time warp" until when he finished my van was as good as when pushed out in 2006. You could see your reflection in the gleam of the sides. He has added years of use to the van, the beauty of it is that he loves his work and is a perfectionist. He even polished the roof to the same high standard. Thank you Paul for a job well done.


Julie Davies

We bought our Bailey Senator California brand new in 2009, its a 5 year old caravan that looks 20 years old.? We wrote to Baileys and included photos and asked if they could tell us why it looked the way it did, we have seen so many others that looked the same way, we thought it must be a general fault with that particular series.? Baileys we totally unhelpful, so after searching the internet I found Tourershine.

OMG after 4 hours Paul transformed our Caravan to a condition better than when we picked it up. Thank you so much Paul.

Gary and Dianne

Our Hymer had been "cut and polished" by another company to improve the finish. It ended up with huge swirls and marks all over the panels and plastic jointers.

We contacted Tourershine who came and spent a day rectifying, cleaning, polishing and waxing our motorhome.

The result has been outstanding. The finish is superb and their attention to detail was fantastic. We are thrilled with how our ten year old Hymer looks. The previous owners, who bought it new, were there to see the final result and were amazed how it was restored to its almost new condition.

Thanks Paul and Paul for a great job. Remember everyone you get what you pay for and these guys are well worth the money you pay!!!!!

Paul Blandford

We came across Tourershine on the internet after searching for a good caravan cleaning product. After trying numerous times and lots of money on caravan products to revamp the exterior of our caravan with no joy we contacted Tourershine after reading their great reviews. We spoke to Paul who promised us a show room condition caravan, our caravan was very dull and drab. We were sceptical at first until Paul reassured us. Tourershine turned up on time, went through what he was going to do and asked us to leave him to it. Arranged to meet Paul when he had finished and was absolutely gob smacked at the finish product. It looks better than a brand new caravan from a showroom and our caravan is 8 years old. We wish to thank Tourershine and Paul for the fantastic work he has done and would highly recommend Tourershine. This company does exactly what it says it will do. Many thanks Paul and Jan

Andy Robson

We had read many testimonials in the past and thought our ten year old Elddis Crusader deserved a bit of TLC so contacted Tourershine and we asked for a complete restoration, to say we couldn't be happier is an understatement our "Elsie" looked as good as the day we picked her up all those years ago. We had even looked at changing her for a newer model but after Paul had worked his magic there was no need she looked good for another ten years !! Thanks Paul from us all and Elsie

Mr Bradgate

After reading a very impressive article in my motorhome magazine, I was quickly in contact with the featured business 'Tourershine' We had a lengthily and in-depth conversation about my motorhome issues and what could be done to correct them. Paul managed to move a couple of jobs around to accommodate my urgency (We are leaving for Europe for 12 months) The chaps have now been and gone and I must say, everything Paul said he could do, he did. My 7 year old Autotrail now looks better than the day I collected from the dealers all those years ago. I've tried tirelessly to bring back the shine to my motorhome and although spending a small fortune on products that just didn't do as they claimed, I'm now left with the exact results I wanted from the Tourershine team.

I would not have any quarms recommending these guys, and have no problem with anyone calling me to speak to a genuinely overjoyed customer. A very high quality and professional business that deserves their reputation.


Before I go any further, I need to explain that I work for a 'Detailing' company that specialises in the likes of Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley etc. We were daft enough to take on a Motorhome as a favour for one of our directors friends. This Motorhome was badly oxidised and although it was only 4 years old, it looked 20 years old!

After several attempts and dozens of our 'usual' products, we discovered that nothing worked! After digging around the internet, we kept seeing the same name popping up. 'Tourershine' So I gave the owner a call and explained our situation and who we were. Paul, the owner had an unbelievable knowledge of this industry, even to the point that he could tell me exactly what results we were achieving (poor ones) ?Although I did attempt to obtain the product list they were using, they wouldn't tell me, which I totally understood.

So after a long negotiation, we settled on Paul rectifying our mess, whist we fully detailed his own personal car. Well, the results speak for themselves, and my team stood staggered at the finished result. No one was aloud to watch the Restoration because the Tourershine guys wanted the 'Reveal' to be a shock. They certainly did that!! Although i'd love to pass on any specialist work on Motorhomes that we get, we never get asked to do them.

So a good testimonial will be sufficient the guys stated. These guys have an eye for the details that only a life long 'Detailer' has, and i'd have no issue adding them to my team. (Yes, I did offer and they politely declined)

Thanks Paul and Paul.

Louis Hayes-Davies

To anyone thinking about caravan restoration this is the company for you. Today the guys turned up at exactly the time they said they would and totally transformed our 2005 Fleetwood Heritage, in fact I'm sure this van looks better now than when it left the Fleetwood Showroom. The guys are fun yet professional, honest and credible and really demonstrate that they know there stuff, we can't thank them enough for the time and detail that has transformed our van, we now are proud to pull the stylish looking van that gleams and shines, and although they said they wouldn't need a return visit I will be booking them in to keep our van looking concourse ready. Thanks to you both!!

June Schmitt

I feel I should write this more as a personal thank you to Paul of Tourershine. I called him several weeks ago and told him about my current situation with my Motorhome and how I wanted to sell it. Paul talked me through all the different options and advised me to pick not the most expensive, but one that would prepare my Autosleeper for sale, which was a cheaper service surprisingly! Anyway, Paul has worked his magic, and this is the bit I want to thank him for, the part thats not advertised in his literature. Yes, he did an amazing job on the Motorhome, but judging by what i've read, that was to be fully expected anyway.

I want to send this thanks to Paul for helping a computer amateur advertise my Motorhome. I know this is not something he normally does, but he spent an extra 'Unpaid" hour taking pictures and typing out an advert, then putting it the best place to sell in his opinion. He didn't promise anything and left the rest to me.

Well, my Motorhome was sold within 2 days for the exact money I wanted. This is way above and way beyond what I expected from a company and I suspect he just felt sorry for me :) in the best possible way.

So thanks Paul. June x

Stanley Geoff

We have just had the pleasure of meeting the Tourershine guys. These guys have a reputation for outstanding work and customer quality and that was 100% confirmed with my experience. They carried out a Restoration on my 2003 Abbey Caravan. I have had another company 'attempt' to do the same service several months ago and they failed miserably. (in fact they actually walked away because they couldn't make it shine) What Tourershine did exactly, I have no idea, because we went out for the day.?I cannot recommend these guys highly enough and everything you read about them is spot on. I'm shocked they haven't been snatched up by the dealers or manufactures and put in charge of quality control and customer satisfaction! I'm sure they'd soon change the caravan industry around if you know what I mean..


Would just like to say That Paul came to Sheffield to clean our Caravan that had stood for a while due to not being used.?We wanted to sell it, and had the cleaning done by him to a standard for pre-sale. He made a fantastic job of bringing the shine back to the caravan. He advised us to place it onto the website "GUMTREE" which was free, but decided to pay the extra ?20.00 to keep it at the top of the search. We sold the Caravan after 2 days. Would recommend his services, as he knows caravans, which is what you need when its a minefield out there. Thanks Once again

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Robin Paton

What a fantastic service!! The guys turned up? as arranged last Sunday, worked tirelessly for nearly 4 hours and transformed our 7 year old caravan

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