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Colin Lee
The bodywork of our 2006 Autosleeper Nuevo was today restored by Tourershine. The result is that we now have an immaculate and shiny Motorhome - a result that exceeded our expectations.
Than you Paul.
Cannot recommend this company enough! Lee came today and worked absolute magic on our motorhome, it's never looked this good, even when we bought it!! Great job, thanks very much!
Geoff Calvert
The guys from Tourershine have just completed the refurbishment of our 7.2mtr Motorhome in 30 degrees of heat, what a fantastic job they did, completely transformed the vehicle, arrived slightly early and were finished by mid afternoon, thank you very much.
Nigel Milner
Absolutely made up with our caravan.Looks better than new !!Would highly recommend Tourershine.Thankyou.
Karen Paynter
I was amazed at the difference that Paul made restoring our poor old 2002 Eccles caravan. It now has a new lease of life, and shines like new. I was even more impressed by the great customer service given all through the process, and the hard work and obvious pride in doing the best job possible shown by Paul. Helpful aftercare advice was given too.
The only word of warning that I have is that when these guys say that they will be with you at a certain time, they really mean earlier than that - as Paul hates to be late for his clients! Great job. I thoroughly recommend Tourershine.
Andrew Wilkes
From the first phone call to Paul to the finished product I knew we were in safe hands with these guys, our 2008 Bailey Senator Indiana looked like it had matte paint and was very patchy. It was done while I was at work on our drive, arriving home I was truly astounded at the result! Better than new! More than happy to say the least and will definitely use these guys again when we change the caravan ( which is a long way off to be honest looking at our Indiana now)
Sandra Goodge
An amazing service. Our motorhome looks like new. These guys really know their job. They arrived on time and worked for hours to sort out our problems. Their restoration service is worth every penny. Thank you.
Tony Collis
We've just had our new caravan paint sealed. We had our previous caravan treated back in 2014 & it has lasted brilliantly. It made my job of cleaning it very easy as almost nothing seemed to become ingrained, therefore booking in the new van for the same treatment was a no brainer. Thanks for the quality service & (very) reasonable price.
Joan James
We took our first holiday since you worked your magic on our 12 year old caravan and the owner of the campsite that we go to every year thought we had bought a new one. You can't have a better result. Thank you again.
Mark Jeffreys
Paul and Lee travelled to Worcestershire and carried out a restoration on my newly acquired Autocruise Stardream which was faded and in need of TLC. They worked so hard and were so professional I can recommend them very highly as the motorhome looks amazing now and is a pleasure to park on sites.Thanks To you you are the best
David E
At the price I was paying I was prepared to be underwhelmed. However I am overwhelmed at the result I wouldn't have thought my GRP front end could have possibly been brought back to such a sparkling shiny finish Thank you Paul and Lee.
Joan, Guest
Today, we collected our 2006 Luna from Paul at Leicester after he and his brother had worked their magic. We couldn't believe the difference in our van; it looked like new. Can't wait to get on the road for our summer hols. We got lots of advice on how to keep that lovely finish too. We can't recommend Tourershine enough. Money well spent and we thought reasonable cost in view of the time and materials used.
Thank you so much.
Peter Cornwall
Paul & Lee travelled up to Scotland and today they carried out the restoration on my motorhome, it was dull and faded.. NOW we have a motorhome to be proud of, a GLEAMING SHINE !!!
I was talked through the procedure and on completion was given advice on aftercare and products to use to keep all the hard work looking good for years to come..
Sue Berrisford
Would like to say that I highly recommend Tourershine to anyone to have the restoration process done .Paul came and did this on my 2008 Elddis caravan and it is now looking absolutely gleaming wonderful ! Lots of advice too regarding aftercare , and I hope now to be able to keep up the good work he has done. Also such a nice person to deal with too.
We left our Burstner in the capable hands of the lads from Tourershine, a very tired scruffy , scratched Motorhome. We returned to a shiny , good as new, if not better, outfit. No scratches on the windows and the door .which was a mess , better than ever. Thank you. i will be proud to park anywhere now
Took our motorhome to Paul at Leicester as it looked dull, tired and had gained scratches along the nearside after having close contact with a hedge to avoid a tractor. Expected some improvement but was SO pleased with result. A bright white shiny van awaited us with no sign of previous marks plus clear windows instead of scratched circles. Tips on how to keep looking like this also given.Would recommend without hesitation
John Cottingham
Paul came today and applied the protective coating to my new caravan. He also polished out an unsightly long scratch.
He turned up early, worked without a break and covered every inch. He also pointed out manufacturers defects which, though obvious now, I had not seen.
He was pleasant, professional and curteous with an obvious passion for the job which showed in the finish.
I am more than pleased and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who might be considering having this process done.
It was a pleasant change to deal with someone who understands how to treat his customers, an experience far removed from the normal dealer methods.
Alan Murray
I made the trip to Leicester from Glasgow to have Paul carry out restoration program on my 2004 Burstner Elegance.
What a transformation in about 5 hrs..... The bodywork is gleaming white all over, and feels so smooth to the touch.... Windows were also treated at same time..... now crystal clear and no annoying swirl effects.
Thanks Paul, The trip south was well worth it, and I'm delighted with the results
Gemma Davis
My husband and I are new to caravans, and purchased a 2017 Buccaneer from a dealership at the NEC Birmingham. The dealer offered us 'Superguard' but my husband had been doing lots of research beforehand and insisted we used Tourershine to carry out this service. We managed to negotiate the dealership to allow Tourershine to carry out their work whist still at the dealers (something Paul was not keen on doing due to the hassle he says it can cause from a dealership)
Paul was correct to make these claims. The dealer in question messed them around and delayed our job for over a week. Thankfully Paul moved one of his jobs to accommodate this, and finally gained access to our new caravan. Paul reported to us, and the dealer that he'd found a fracture on the front panel, which when pointed out to myself, was very obvious. The dealer reluctantly rectified this crack, delaying our caravan a further 2 weeks, but agreeing to allow Paul back to inspect the quality of the fix.
I cannot thank Paul enough for his patience with both myself and the dealership, along with finding the problem, advising me of the best course of action from then on, and going back to fully inspect and re-seal the repair. Paul put my husband and I at ease, and gave us the confidence that the purchase was totally fine once the repair was completed.
Thank you Tourershine.
John Ward
I strongly recommend Tourershine. I have one of the dreaded Baileys which was looking pretty shabby. Paul came along and exceeded my expectations. He spent about five hours and it was worth every penny. My Bailey Senator Indiana Series 6 now looks in showroom condition! Thank you Tourershine.
Mrs Murphy
We recently had the pleasure of meeting the Tourershine chaps after we booked a Restoration on our 2008 Autotrail Mohican. We were recommended Tourershine on a Facebook page from others that had used them. My Autotrail now looks absolutely stunning. Tourershine removed all the hedge and branch scuffs from the sides, and fixed all the dull faded plastics and fibreglass panels. They asked if we would leave them to get on with their work, and not to come and see the motorhome until it was finished. The 'reveal' was unbelievable. My son who was a confirmed sceptic popped around as the guys were clearing up, to inspect their handiwork, and even he was amazed at the finished job.
I highly recommend Tourershine for those who want to bring back the love to their motorhome. Thank you Paul and Lee
Elaine Rampton
My husband and I have been Motorhoming for 40 years now, and our latest 12 year old Hymer A-Class was starting to look very tired and dull. We approached our motorhome dealer for advice, and they offered to 'spruce' it up for us, as we didn't want to buy a new one at our time in life. Our dealer charged us a lot of money for what can only be described as a 'bodge job' We couldn't tell when we collected it, because it was raining, but once dried, we could see how badly they'd done. I found Tourershine and as he is local, he popped round on his way past to assess my Hymer. Paul concluded that all the dealer had done was apply a polish on top of our faded panels, painted some awful cheap tyre gloss all over my tyres and bumpers, and not even bothered to clean my roof! Paul was very careful not to put the blame on anyone, but in his opinion it looked like a 30 min job, done by a cheap car wash gang. This obviously didn't please me, because it had cost well over £200. After Paul explained that for this amount, you will never receive any miracles, and the dealer should of never promised anything other than it looking clean. (which it didn't really) Anyway, we booked a full Restoration with Tourershine, and the boys have now been and gone. My Hymer now looks better than the day we purchased her brand new. They managed to remove all the faded, dull, tired looking paintwork, and leave what I can only describe as a very glossy motorhome. Even the roof looks like new again. The thing that struck me the most, was not the quality and professionalism of the company, and not even the amazing finish of the Restoration service. It was the bunch of flowers Paul personally gave me at the end of the job as an apology for a dealers poor rip off, that was nothing to do with him! He explained that he hates to see customers pay daft money for such poor results, and as it's his industry, he wanted to personally apologise for such a bad experience, which was bonkers, because it was a dealer, not Tourershine that upset my husband and I, with such a shoddy job.
Thank you boys for all your hard work.
Keith Stirling
My 2008 Bailey Wyoming was looking very tired ,paintwork faded and dull ,don't let anyone tell you it needs respray before you contact Paul at tourershine he has transformed my van to looking new so made up it's a credit to you Paul many thanks again ??
GARY &Gayle Morris
We bought our Adria coral last year & decided that the exterior paint could do with an overhaul.We contacted Tourershine & booked a visit.Paul & Lee arrived on the day & carried out a sterling job with both the machine polishing & the paint sealed.We were advised how to keep the van in top condition using specific products.Once again,thank you guys.
Steve cowell
Impressed with tourershine ! Arrived on time ! Did a great job ! Would not hesitate on recommending them ! Very proffesional company ! Our van looked brand new !
Darryl allen
My 17 year old American RV was given the Tourershine treatment this week. I was delighted and amazed at the finish. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to see their beloved vehicle looking like new. Look out for the photo of Big Blue which I'm told will be on the site soon.
Neil Magee
We bought an 06 Buccaneer Caravel last year and the exterior needed a fair bit of TLC so we arranged a Touershine restore package, which happened yesterday (9/2/17) . Expectations were fairly low, due to the current faded condition, and I hoped Paul could 'make it as good as it can be in the circumstances' ....... but WOW !! I'm not one to over elaborate but the result was amazing and the colour / restored shine took years off the caravan. Thanks guys !!
Mr Radbourne
I'm a great advocate of reputations and reviews from real people, and after reading many people's amazing comments on the Caravantalk forum about Tourershine, I had no hesitations booking them to restore the finish to my Bailey Senator. It seems that Bailey have a common issue with the panels on the sides of their caravans. I know of precisely 14 other Senators on my storage site with exactly the same problems as mine. They are all as dull as each other. I did ask my dealer about this but they claimed it was normal and nothing short of repainting will fix this issue. Well, I can confirm that the advice given by my dealer is not strictly true. The Tourershine chaps have managed to bring back my Senator, and it looks like brand new. This was pointed out to my dealer who were shocked to say the least. So as a confirmed end user of the Tourershine RESTORATION service, I can now add my absolute pleasure and delight to their testimonial pages of history. Thank you chaps for the amazing job and more importantly proving my dealer wrong!
Ian Cooper

We have a Wandahome Liberte Air Caravan, and have loved it over the last 8 years. We decided that after looking at other caravans we were keeping her, so last year after washing her we bought a cover and covered her up in storage.
When we un-covered her this year, we were shocked to see the panels were dull and look like they had been shot -blasted we were heart broken. After searching on forums etc, we came across Paul. After talking to him it appeared that we had tiger stripping (not good for your caravan unless your on safari). We first thought lets do it ourselves, but after solid advice from Paul we went ahead and booked.?Wow, Wow, Wow is all we can say. The caravan has never ever looked so good. The work put in was great, grab handles removed etc while doing the work, the caravan looks better than the day we bought her.

Many thanks Paul & Tourershine

P Johnson

We would thoroughly recommend Tourershine to anyone, Paul came along to work on the front of our van a Swift Charisma 2008 which we have had since new, the front of the van had faded and had lost its gloss finish, Paul worked on the van to give the van its glossy sheen back, when the job was finished the van looked even better than when we first bought it from the factory new.

Paul also gave us some valuable advice regarding the upkeep of other parts of the van.He also comes very well prepared even with his own coffee machine.He is very precise and professional also worked around our requirements. Thank goodness my brother in law found him and recommended him to us after he had had the same work done on the front of his van. Absolutely priceless. Thank you Paul for all your help.

We highly recommend Tourershine to anyone who cherishes their van.

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Andrew Wilkes
From the first phone call to Paul to the finished product I knew we were in safe hands with these guys, our 2008 Bailey Senator Indiana looked like … read more

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