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Frequently Asked Questions - Questions we get all the time, with detailed answers

FAQs - Questions we get all the time, with detailed answers

You can book as far in advance as you wish.  Once you've paid your £25 deposit, the date is secured.  We do advise you book as soon as you decide you want to use Tourershine.  I cannot stress enough that we do get booked up several weeks in advance.

We no longer take card payments due to the unreliability of the machine we used and the fact we can be anywhere in the country.  The most common method of payment is by Bank Transfer, this also goes for the deposit payment.  We will obviously also take good old fashioned cash.  We have stopped excepting cheques from the 1st of January 2015

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A very common question and the simple answer is, torrential rain all day will cause us to have to move your booking slot to the next available.  The odd shower won't stop play and we can work around this.  Freezing conditions are also impossible to work in due to the way the panels we work, tend to mist over, making it impossible to see where we've been.  This is too risky we may miss something.  Every job postcode is entered into our BBC weather app and monitored days in advance of a job.  We will keep you fully updated if it looks like an issue and you will hear from us well in advance of your booking.

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Once we've got your Caravan or Motorhome up to the standard we are happy with, you will be given a full run down on aftercare.  This includes us inspecting any equipment and products you are currently using.  We will also ask several key questions to ensure you don't effect the longevity of our work.  We are coming into our 7th year and not once has a job failed, that was taken care of in the way we instruct.

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We are often asked if we can carry out some of our services at a customers dealership.  Whilst we do understand the convenience of this for our customers, i'm afraid we no longer offer this.  Throughout the years in business, we have tried this from time to time and not once has it gone to plan.  Working all over the UK takes very precise timing and involves a lot of logistics to get right for everyone.  We found that most dealerships have very little regard for this time planning and can let us down as little as the day before.  This has a huge knock on effect for the rest of our week.  So sadly we cannot offer this as part of our terms and conditions anymore.

Often people don't fully read through our website and just go straight to the prices, then presume the price on the website is the price they pay, regardless.  We have the word 'from' because it's near on impossible to have set prices on any of our services.  Reason being is we are based in Leicester and we have to allow for travel where ever we go.  Also, the Restoration work is based on the vehicle size and the manufacture.  Many Caravans and Motorhomes are made of different materials.  They all suffer from different problems.  One job could take 2hrs, where are the same service on a vehicle of the same size may take 4hrs.  This purely down to the different problems each manufacture suffers from.  This is where our extensive knowledge of the different jobs is a huge help to us.  There is pretty much nothing we haven't worked on, and we can draw on this to help us price your job.  We are happy to give a detailed explanation of each and every individual quote if required, but one flick through our Testimonials will give you the confidence that we are honest and know our onions..

As the customer, all we need from you is a tap and a plug.  We don't need any equipment.  We carry 100s of metres of hose and cable.  We don't even need you to be in during our work.  We have everything we need in the van, including all the equipment, kettle, microwave, fridge, toilet, generator, compressor and most importantly... our Nespresso machine and plenty of pods...  So, as you can see, we are fully self contained.  We have all this so we don't have to disturb a customer during our work.  We actually prefer if you stay out the way during all work.  This not only cuts the heath and safety risk right down, but more importantly makes the whole 'reveal' at the end more shocking for you!

Simple answer to that is No.  We are Caravan and Motorhome specialists.  My customers book with us because we stick to one thing.  We are not the kind of company that will take on anything that pays money.  We can get so busy with the specialist work that cars are something that we'd never be able to fit into our schedule.  Also, we cannot compete with the road side gangs offering the most basic work for next to no money.

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That's an easy one to answer.  The surface of a Caravan and Motorhome is nothing like the surface of a car.  There are plastics, Fibreglasses, metals and acrylics that need very careful attention with only a tiny range of products.  Around 30% of the work we carry out every year is rectifying another companies work.  This includes dealers and professional valet businesses.  Many companies use the wrong chemicals, causing premature deterioration, they also use the wrong equipment, causing scratches, swirls and damage that can be very costly to rectify.  Our advice has always been the same.  Make sure who ever you use has experience carrying out the sort of work you want doing.  If you are comparing our prices with other companies and they are a lot cheaper, ask yourself why.  One thing we personally dislike, is a customer that's been promised the same as we do, only to find they have to pay us to do it again.  Not only is it expensive and pointless, but the job may actually cost you more for us to rectify their work.

There are two main constructions in this industry.  Aluminium or Fibreglass.  The Aluminium is pretty straight forward and doesn't tend to vary from job to job.  Ali has a tendency to fade in a particular way.  Normally from the top downwards. (I say normally, because Baileys suffer from the bottom upwards)  This can still look like it has a shine, but in certain lights, it looks cloudy.  The best way to look at a panel is to get on your knees and look up towards the sky.  You will see an obvious change from looking directly at the panel head on.  Another thing Ali suffers from is hedge and branch marks.  Providing they haven't broken the paint surface, we can fix this with the Restoration service.  Fibreglass comes in several forms.  From Caravans like Freedoms, that can be a full fibreglass shell, to Abbeys and a few other caravans like Fleetwoods that are GRP (Glass reinforsed plastic).  There is also ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) This is a far better quality plastic and tends not to fade like the other plastics.  ABS is normally found as your tow hitch cover, some Caravan front panels, like Baileys and Compass, and many higher end Motorhome trims and edgings.  The reason we need to know the make, model and year of your job, is because we normally know which vehicle is built with which material.  As a rule of thumb, anything constructed with GRP will be more expensive to restore, because of how difficult it is to return it's factory satin shine.  Again, this is why jobs need pricing individually.

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