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Before making a booking or an enquiry, please read carefully the descriptions under each Service.  Most importantly the differences between the Restoration work and the other Services.  Through years of experience, we have found that a Caravan or Motorhome over 2 years old, may have a high chance of needing some Restoration work.  We do have an extensive knowledge of the different problems most manufactures suffer from if you are not sure.  

Feel free to call or e.mail for a quick response on what you may need.  The prices on my website are based on a minimum price and only to be used only as a guide.  Please be aware that every job is priced on it's own merits with the information provided by the customer of the condition of your Caravan or Motorhome, the construction material, previous experience, and your location.  "I cannot stress enough, that no two jobs are the same in this industry' 

Please include your make, model, year of manufacture and postcode for us to work out your price.  We will need power and water at all locations, plus room around the job to work.  This is important:  We need as much space as you can give us for ladders, platforms, and potentially a scaffold tower.  It's not possible to work properly if a job is tight for space, but if you are not sure, please mention the lack of any space during an enquiry.

A deposit of £25 will be required on all bookings to secure your date, this is none refundable should you cancel your job.

We now have no option to but insist payment for the completed job is made before we leave.  This isn't the way we like to do business, but there seems to be a growing trend of people either not paying at all, or taking several days to pay, which takes up valuable time and resources to deal with. 

Unpaid invoices that require a re-visit to resolve, will be liable for a further charge of 50% of the original invoice amount. 

Please be aware that once we get into the main season, we will often have lead times of 4-6 weeks.  We are only a small team, and what we do is very niche and in high demand, because of this we do get booked up quite fast.  My advice is always, if you're thinking of using us, book sooner rather than later.

Please note that the months of November, December and January are our quiet periods, and some of our prices tend to be slightly lower to reflect this.


Martin Boulton
Paul and Lee, have just spent 6 hours is typical Manchester rain. They have made our 10 year old Autotrail look like new again.

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