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This service does exactly what it says.  It's what we are featured in so many Caravan and Motorhome magazines for, and accounts for around 75% of our yearly work.  The Restoration service will restore a Faded, Dull, Tired, Damaged vehicle back to it’s showroom glory or better.  The main difference between the Restoration and the other services is the use of a machine polisher and very specialist compounds.  The machine polisher procedure works by removing a tiny layer of the faded panel, (just a few microns) to expose a ‘like new’ finish to your Caravan or Motorhome.  This is then protected with a coat of wax to help prevent any deterioration happening again in the future.  The use of a machine polisher is a highly skilled and intensive process.   It takes years of experience to use a machine polisher without causing irreversible damage.  Our specialist compounds have been developed to be used specifically on all the surfaces we work on.  

To compliment this service, we also restore all the acrylic windows.  This removes most swirling, branch marks and generally gives the windows a far more crystal clear appearance.  These are then finished with an acrylic safe polish to protect.  Also, the locker surrounds that are often yellowing and tarnished, will be returned to the original white in most cases.  All this work is then finished with a full detailing to bring the whole job together, leaving your pride and joy looking simply stunning...  Note that once we finish our work, we will talk you through our simple aftercare products and methods, so that you can maintain the finish for years to come.

There is currently no other method or product on the market that we know of, that will restore a faded panel in the correct way as machine polishing does.  We will restore as far as you can see from the ground.  All roofs are left perfectly clean, but we won't machine polish the actual flat part of the roof.

Both Caravan's and Motorhome's also have the option for single panel Restorations, if that's all you require. This option can be far more cost effective if you feel you only need help with specific panels, and you are able to deal with the rest of the vehicle yourself.


Full Caravans from £300

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Elaine Rampton
My husband and I have been Motorhoming for 40 years now, and our latest 12 year old Hymer A-Class was starting to look very tired and dull. We … read more

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