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Welcome to Tourershine - The Caravan and Motorhome Exterior Restoration and Protection Specialists.

One of the most popular parts of my Business is the 'Restoration' service.  This service will rectify any faded, swirled, weathered, or most issues caused by incorrect product use. The Motorhome pictured here is a great example of just how good we are.

When we get initial enquiries from our Motorhome customers, we need to establish what each vehicle is constructed from.  There is either an Aluminium body, or like the example in the picture, GRP body.  People often don't know the difference when asked.  So we always ask if they have 'dents' on the sides.

 The reason is because this is an easiest way for the customer to work out the build material.  Aluminium dents very easily, where as GRP won't dent.

GRP is a lot more robust than Aluminium, but the downfall is it fades faster and more consistently.  Where as Aluminium tends to go more cloudy as it fades. (normally leaving 'shiny' lines under the window corners, or awning rail joints where the rain water runs down the panels, taking some of the oxidation with it, leaving lines)  The other main reason we need to know the construction is because GRP is a lot harder to restore.  It will typically take around 30% longer in time, and almost double the amount of products.  However, as you can clearly see below, they do still Restore up amazing!  If you use the background as a guide and try and see a reflection on the 'Before' pictures.  Then compare this with the 'After' photos.  Another benefit is they finish a lot whiter and loose the patchwork of different shades they have when they are faded.  This not only increases the value of your vehicle by far more than our costs, it also makes washing your pride and joy far easier, along with being the pride of any site. 

This Motorhome was a full days job for both myself and Lee.  It was a 300 mile round trip, and cost the customer between £400-£500.  This in our opinion was a small price to pay for such a huge difference in appearance.  Also if you are selling your Motorhome, this will optimise your asking price and leave no reason for a buyer to reduce your asking price by huge increments.  This is not a temporary fix, like many other services available.  This Motorhome will stay looking this way if the customer follows our simple aftercare advice.


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